“Lite” Lunch at Masaryk – Addison Circle

Not that chef Gabriel DeLeon needs any more press (his PR machine is in full swing), but I thought I'd post some pics from lunch. The buzz on Masaryk has brought many new faces to Addison Circle, which is also home to Avanti Neighborhood Bistro, Antonio's, Greenz, Kampai Sushi, Pastazio's, Astoria Caffe, Fit Cafe, and my local, Zen Bar

^The A.C.

^Masaryk Modern Mexican Kitchen.

Masaryk_02 Masaryk_03

^Lunch Specials: Two Enchiladas/Eggs; Two Enchiladas/Beef Taco.

Masaryk_04 Masaryk_01

^Enchilada/Pork Tamale/Beef Taco (Spinach Enchilada w/ Cream of Spinach Reduction); My own concoction: the Top Shelf Burrito w/ Shredded Pork and Tomatillo Salsa.