A quick Pho – Vietnam Restaurant, Dallas


I finally made it over to the hugely popular Vietnam Restaurant on Bryan St., if just for a quick Phở. 

Pho-Vietnam-Dallas-1 Pho-Vietnam-Dallas-2

The broth is of the rather heavily spiced aroma variety. 


^ After I do my doctoring. Not bad. I need to get back and try some other stuff. Interesting fact – the entire staff is able to go about their business, including fully bussing tables, without breaking their stare on one of the dozen TV's featuring soccer matches from across the globe. Amazing!

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A Quickie: Pho 2006, Carrollton

I love the phở and go for lunch at least once a week. Another couple of phởnatics recently came back raving about this place – Pho 2006 on Belt Line east of Josey.


I've been back many times – really good broth.

Pho-2006-Carrollton1 Pho-2006-Carrollton2

^ P01; A02.

I finally meet up with Oishii Chef Thanh Nguyen, Dallas.

A bunch of my buddies (a crew of Mansion alumni) are always talking about their late-night escapades at Oishii on Wycliff west of the Tollway. I've been before, but always seem to miss "the Man" – Chef Thanh.


I got it right last weekend. Here is the evidence:


^ Thanh sends out some Vietnamese specialties to our motley crew.


The great food and flowing Black & Gold sake made for a large time.


Oishii does boffo business and boasts an extensive menu of Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai dishes.

I will be returning to sit at the Sushi bar and order a kind of omakase meal from Thanh – chef's choice – whatever's good. I hear good things. So far so good!

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Banh Xeo at Nam Hua Vietnamese Cuisine, Garland

I love me the Vietnamese food. Phở is often the cure of the day, but delving deeper into the cuisine offers further delights. A great place to experience these is Nam Hua in Garland’s Saigon Plaza.


Sure they have a nice phở (and sometimes you really need a nice phở):

Nam-Hua-Restaurant2 Nam-Hua-Restaurant1 

Nam-Hua-Restaurant5 Nam-Hua-Restaurant6 

Chanh muối, a kind of salted Lime (or Lemon)-ade. ^And these delicious Grilled Mussles – with cream cheese and scallions.

But I’m here for the Banh Xeo.

Nam-Hua-Restaurant3 Nam-Hua-Restaurant4 

Bánh Xèo means “sizzling cake.” It’s a savory rice flour pancake/crepe/omlette with pork, shrimp and sprouts. You wrap it up in lettuce leaves and dip it liberally in Nước chấm – a sweet and acidic fish sauce. Frickin’ good.


Ask for the translation of the back page of the menu for the goods. Enjoy!

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Always time to Pho! A2, P15 at Pho Que Houng in Addison

Needed a fix… and BAD!
People debate the merits of our ubiquitous local Vietnamese chain Pho Que Houng, but on a recent afternoon (and paying for a night out with the guys…) I was happy to have this new addition to our Addison neighborhood.
They even seem happier to take a to-go order over the phone than deal with you during the rush of lunch hour, as I found out.


Above: on a sit down lunch, Pho w/ Vietnamese Meatballs.


Back at the office, and out of the box (don't doddle…): the raw beef, noodles and fixings – I microwaved the broth, then poured over… added my own Shiracha and pickled jalapeñoes (always on hand)… this, along with my spring rolls… – I'm a happy man! – work drifts by as I sup on my soup… This combo is affectionately know among those "That Know" in the office as "A2-P15" – the texting of which elicits much rejoicing.

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