Shirako & More at Tei-An, Dallas

Teiichi Sakurai has been taking my five senses on an educational journey for the last 16 years. Last night at Tei-An I graduated to the next level. This is Shirako 3 Ways:


So what is shirako, you ask? The most pleasant description is to say Cod Milt. If you don't know what milt is – don't ask. Suffice to say that it is sublime. Shirako has now surpassed Uni and Ankimo as the most amazing and unique pleasure I've yet experienced in my study of Japanese cuisine. Teiichi is pleased at my response – because now he says I have a good 4 or 5 more levels to go – so I've got that going for me!

Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_4 Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_3

^ Shirako Agedashi (kind of tempura style); ^ Shirako Ponzu.

Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_2 Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_9

^ Shirako Sauté; ^ and, meanwhile, Maria's dinner awaits her arrival.

Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_6 Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_5

^ Ama ebi – this is the actual traditional "Sweet Shrimp." Much smaller and more delicate than the more common, larger variety often seen in sushi bars. These literally melt on your tongue. Stunning; ^ And we also had some fun with some nice pork dropped off by new One Arts Plaza neighbor Chef John Tesar. Here, Teiichi obliged with a favorite of mine: Uni under Lardo (Pata Negra).

Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_7 Tei-An-Dallas-Shirako_8

^ Tesar's Salt & Herb Cured, Air Dried, Texas Hog Jowl. Teiichi cut is at 90 degrees and served it ishiyaki style. Awesome.

Tei-An was recently designated one of only two restaurants in Dallas awarded 5 Stars by the Dallas Morning News (along with Chef Bruno Davaillon at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek). DMN critic Leslie Brenner has also written about her experience with shirako at Tei-Tei Robata Bar, which along with Teppo was previously owned by Sakurai-San and continues to be closely connected in passion, philosophy – and often, produce.

Tei-An Dazzles, Daily. Dallas

Craaazy busy lately. While I work toward posting a ton of new items – enjoy this recent 'omakase' meal at Tei-An. Just some random weeknight. Descriptions seem superfluous. Just go to Tei-An and submit!


Tei-An-Dallas_01 Tei-An-Dallas_02

Tei-An-Dallas_03 Tei-An-Dallas_08

Tei-An-Dallas_04 Tei-An-Dallas_05

Tei-An-Dallas_06 Tei-An-Dallas_07

Tei-An-Dallas_09 Tei-An-Dallas_11



Tei-An-Dallas_13 Tei-An-Dallas_14

Teiichi never disappoints. Here are a few more morsels from another (crazy) evening:

Tei-An-Dallas_2_3 Tei-An-Dallas_2_2

Tei-An-Dallas_2_1 Tei-An-Dallas_2_4

…I know… I know… Brad at Tei-An – SHOCKER! But, it is so excellent. More variety to come.

I finally meet up with Oishii Chef Thanh Nguyen, Dallas.

A bunch of my buddies (a crew of Mansion alumni) are always talking about their late-night escapades at Oishii on Wycliff west of the Tollway. I've been before, but always seem to miss "the Man" – Chef Thanh.


I got it right last weekend. Here is the evidence:


^ Thanh sends out some Vietnamese specialties to our motley crew.


The great food and flowing Black & Gold sake made for a large time.


Oishii does boffo business and boasts an extensive menu of Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai dishes.

I will be returning to sit at the Sushi bar and order a kind of omakase meal from Thanh – chef's choice – whatever's good. I hear good things. So far so good!

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Yakiniku and Martensen’s Rum Cocktails at Tei-An Rooftop Bar, Dallas

Mixologist and retro-mustachioed rum ambassador Michael Martensen, together with Tei-An bar manager Yosuke Fukuda, organized a fun summer event on the Tei-An Rooftop Patio Bar last night.


Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_01 Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_04 

^ Tei-An chef/owner Teiichi Sakurai discusses the finer points of Blue Fin Tuna with chef John Tesar in the bar downstairs; then joins Hunter Sullivan and the rest of the party on the roof.

Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_03  Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_02

^ Teach and Yosuke talk fire and Yakiniku (grilled meats).

Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_111 Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_18

^ Martensen prepares cocktails with exotic rums, including an Oronoco Mai Tai garnished with Soy Sauce reduction.

Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_12 Tei-An-Yakiniku_Rum_10

^ Ron Zacapa XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial from Guatemala, blended from rums aged 6 to 23 years; Brazilian Oronoco Rum, a super-premium White Rum from Fresh Cut Brazilian Mountain Cane.


^ Yosuke tends to the pork Yakiniku.


There was a breeze and it turned out to be a lovely evening.

Afterward, Teach continued my education with a White Fish tasting:




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Teppo turns 15! Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar, Dallas.

Well, it's been fifteen years since Teiichi Sakurai opened the first in an impressive collection of distinguished and exceptional Japanese restaurants in Dallas. Teppo Yakitori & Sushi opened in 1995 and was an immediate success with critics and the public alike – and has remained so over the years. It was followed by Tei-Tei Robata Bar in 1998 and Tei-An in 2008. Prior to opening Tei-An, Teiichi sold the first two restaurants to their respective Executive Chefs – Tei-Tei to Katsutoshi Sakamoto, and Teppo to Masayuki Otaka. 

Teppo_Masa_Masayuki Otaka 

^ Teppo Executive Chef Masayuki Otaka - "Masa" to his many friends.


^ Invited guests line out the door awaiting access to Teppo's 15 Anniversary "buffet." 


^ There are many familiar faces and even some past employees in the crowd – and one particular notable guest in the kitchen (a story about him is on the way.)


^ The chairs from the sushi bar and the one row of tables are removed to accommodate the throngs.


^ (at the right) Head Sushi Chef Tomoaki Nishigaya – "Tommy."  Not the usual fare, but a selection of traditional braised meats was delicious all the same. Teppo specializes in spectacular sushi, yakitori (grilled chicken), kushiyaki (other grilled dishes), as well as inspired Japanese specialties. – and, of course, omakase.


^ Masa is ever toiling over his yakitori grill; ^Teiichi arrives to deliver a traditional gift – this stunning flower arrangement.


^ My great friends Kim, Bill and James got me hooked on this place 15 years ago, and I still have my birthday here each year. Teppo holds a very special place in my heart – and remains an outstanding establishment.

I will soon follow up with a photo essay of many stunning dishes I've enjoyed here over the years – I have a lot to work with.

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Nobu Matsuhisa Celebrates 5 Years in Dallas

I’m a big fan of Nobu-Dallas and the talents of Executive Chef Matt Raso, and Head Sushi Chef Mitsuhiro Eguchi. (See my pics from an omakase meal last year here. I have a couple other Nobu omakase meals to post – so stay tuned.) Well, it’s been five years and they are still here… let’s hope we can keep it that way!

A bunch of us hardcore fans got invited to a 5th Anniversary bash last Friday hosted by Nobu himself. 


( Above left outside – find the beautiful Yuka Hinoda (manager); Nobu Matsuhisa; Ben Madrid (general manager.) 

Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-1 Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-8 

^ While waiting for the lovely “FW”, I enjoyed a masu of Nobu’s Hokusetsu Daiginjyo original “Black Label” sake in the bar. Upon entering the party, we indulged in many a lychee martini.

Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-6 Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-5 

^ Here’s Exec. Chef Matt Raso obscured by smoke, preparing Wagyu Kushiyaki.

Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-4 Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-7 

^ Matt finishing the plate with Anticucho and Aji Amarillo sauces. A fave.

Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-3 Nobu-Dallas-5-Anniversary-9 

^ Some Shrimp action; and Sushi and Sashimi inside. We were having fun and I just didn’t take that many snaps (shocker!). I will soon post my story on “H2” Wednesday and Thursday Extended Happy Hours, as well as those other omakase meals. …Love the Nobu.

Stuff I just ate:

For Leslie, here's a quickie post of some exceptional food I've recently enjoyed:

Tei-an-Dallas-Tobiuo-Sashimi1 Tei-An_Dallas-Ankimo1 

@ Tei-An ^ Tobiuo Sashimi (line-caught Flying Fish) with Ume Shiso Ae; ^ and my fave: Ankimo.

Bruno-Davaillon-surf-and-turf-1 Bruno-Davaillon-surf-and-turf-2 

@ The Mansion:^ Bruno tried this "Surf & Turf" dish out on me as I sat in the bar: Crispy Pork Belly & Lobster Claws, Spicy Tamarind/Soy Sauce, Green Asparagus and Fresh Herb Salad. A version of this may show up here this Spring.

Just another night at Tei-An, Dallas

More shenanigans at my favorite hang:


^ A little snack: Ankimo in Creme Pancetta, Black Truffles.

Tei-An-Soba-Dallas01 Tei-An-Soba-Dallas04

I dropped by to see Jay Liddell, brand ambassador for The Macallan. He bribed some of us with Mac 18 (and the Perfect Serve ice balls) to try out this new marketing technology – qyoo.

Tei-An-Soba-Dallas03 Tei-An-Soba-Dallas02 

It uses an iPhone app to read a symbol that brings up info and media about a product – nifty. Let's have more Mac and head upstairs!

Tei-An-Soba-Dallas05 Tei-An-Soba-Dallas06 

'Teach' and I hop in the private elevator in the Tei-An bar and take the party upstairs to the newly opened Rooftop Patio and Bar.


Come spring – this is gonna be pretty choice.

Tei-An-Soba-Dallas07 Tei-An-Soba-Dallas08 

Meanwhile, downstairs, the cast and crew of August: Osage County were celebrating their opening night at the Winspear with Teiichi's incredible nibbles.

Tei-An-Soba-Dallas10 Tei-An-Soba-Dallas_2 

Soon we were chatting up the play's star: here is 'Teach' with Oscar winner Estelle Parsons. Just another night at Tei-An. 

Oh, and here are some random snaps of some stuff I've been eating here:

Tei-An-Dallas02 Tei-An-Dallas01

Tei-An-Dallas03 Tei-An-Dallas06


Tei-An-Dallas05 Tei-An-Dallas04 

Tei-An-Dallas09 Tei-An-Dallas10

… worth a thousand words.

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Tei-An, Dallas – Rooftop Patio Nearing Completion!

( UPDATE: Jan. 25, 2010 – More here. )

Well, it IS literally freezing out, and it's snowed twice in the last week… but things are coming together at Tei-An's rooftop patio. Construction is complete; furniture coming in; some details remain – but here is a look at the digs so far:


^ It is rather spacious in person. The bar will be at the far left.


^ View from the bar area. The glass double doors access the elevator from the first floor bar at Tei-An. There are some other amenities and nifty features still to come.

Tei-An_Patio_Dallas2 Tei-An_Patio_Dallas1 

^ Looking up; ^ and, your intrepid blog-whore…

We also had our annual Festivus celebration at Tei-An tonight… Teach was insane with the food, here are just a few highlights:

Tei-An_12092 Tei-An_12091 

^ Toro Bacon (yes, stupid perfect); ^ Ankimo in Muscadet.

Tei-An_12094 Tei-An_12093 

^ The Daily Sashimi (impeccable quality, as usual. Teiichi picked it up at air cargo from Japan 3 hrs before it was in my belly); ^ and perhaps one of the most decadent things I've yet savored: a Full Yellowtail Collar – it's about 18" across. 'Succulent' does not begin to describe… Stay tuned!

View from the Tei-An Rooftop – and more Macallan, to boot.

There is progress! I have set foot on the very complicated (in progress) and intricate floating flooring that will soon support an oasis in the already buzzing Arts District at One Arts Plaza (18 month overnight success…).

Tei-An Rooftop1 

Soon, kids… soon. Meanwhile, Jay Liddell over there at The Macallan is wasting no time in taking advantage of the fall, misty, Scottish-like weather – hence ANOTHER scotch tasting – this time at Tei-An. No surprise that my buddy Bob and I were there with bells on. (Single Malt fans should seek out Jay via the inter-tubes and hit one of these tastings… well worth the effort). This night, along with drams of Mac 12, 18, and Fine Oaks – including 21 – we had a bit of fun with the whole Ice Ball thing. Again, as I recounted here, this spherical ice deal has it's roots in Japanese bar culture – and my pal Yosuke Fukuda first introduced me to its genius at the former Moosh. This night, Jay and Yosuke went head-to-head:

Tei-An Macallan Ice Ball1 Tei-An Macallan Ice Ball2 

Yosuke used to claim he spent 20 mins on each sphere… well, even Jay will admit that Yosuke damn near beat the "machine's" 60 seconds… and the handmade ice sphere was damn near perfect. So there.

Tei-An Macallan_1 Tei-An Macallan_2 

^ The spoils (heh…) and the rest of the 12 bottle – on hard chipped ice (another lost art).

Tei-An Macallan1 Tei-An Macallan2 

* Delicious nosh by 'Teach'… and of course some whimsy…:

Tei-An Macallan3 Tei-An Macallan4 

^ … That's right – Macallan 12-steamed-clams. So right.