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Carl’s Jr coming soon to Carrollton

Just three years ago this location was the scene of crazed enthusiasm and long lines for bags of Krystal's steamed burgers. Like Krispy Kreme before them, eventually the mania abated. On to the next:


Carl's Jr is under construction at Trinity Mills and Midway in the former Krystal's location.

Don't expect the frenzy an In-N-Out may eventually spawn – but these burgers are pretty good, for fast food anyway. 

A little of the ol’ In-N-Out… Coming to Dallas

In honor of the news that Texas' first In-N-Out Burger will soon open at Firewheel Town Center in Garland – here is a look at a recent visit I made to a San Jose location:



^ Lines are normal at any location of this venerable favorite.


^ It's all pretty straight forward – but you need to know about the "not-so-secret" secret menu.


Double-Double Animal Style x 2.

This will all be fun, but I can't help remember the hoopla that surrounded the openings of Krispy-Kreme and Krystal.  I'm afraid I'm actually on the "leave it out West" team. It's more fun that way. But I'll be there week one – anyway.

Taquería Jones: Tacos at Fuel City, Dallas

All about the setting, baby:


Cows Dallas

Gas station tacos on the outskirts of downtown? Cows? That's half the fun!


There's considerable debate around where the tacos rank – but you just gotta go down there once in a while.

Window Neon 

Choose from Picadillo, Barbacoa, al Pastor, or the Chicken or Beef Fajitas.

116 Tacos_02 

To be honest, my favorite part of the trip is getting a "Cup -o-Elotes" while I wait for my tacos. It's a crazy-great bastardized version of the traditional street food. But instead of a corn on the cob with the usual condiments, this is all just mixed up in a cup. Corn, butter, mayo, crema, cotija cheese, lime, chili powder… damn. (Hey, you all know I'm all about Robuchon – but one must have an open palate).

Cart Elotes 

Pool …and of course, after dinner on the hood of your pick-up – you can take a swim. Greatness.

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VERY First Look: Masaryk (Updated)

I'm out on the whole North of the Loop sucks debate. Readers of this blog are well aware of my fave spots about town. I do however own a town home in Addison and walk to work most days to our studios in Addison Circle. Masaryk, the new Modern Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Lounge, recruited our staff and some other locals as guinea pigs for lunch service today… so some snaps:


The Duck Carnitas Tacos look promising. ^ The Fundido. We sampled some tasty Carne Asada; Tacos al Carbon… but the winning dish:


Applewood Smoked Bacon and Chipotle Fajitas. Raves on this one from the table.


^Tostaditas de Ceviche; Huaraches Mercad (Corn Masa Discs, Black Beans, Pulled Pork, Chille Pasilla, Crema, Queso Fresco, Shoots).

The Flan. Three of us don't like flan, after this – two converted. I'll get back over and get some shots of the handsome space and inviting Tequila Bar. A welcome addition to our enclave up North… and no nosebleed.

Roadside Distraction: Carl’s Jr. in Rockwall, Texas.

On the way back from my relaxing weekend in East Texas, I could not resist the temptation to stop off at I-30 exit 70 and blog about Carl's Jr.


I just never find myself near one of the 3 local outlets (all are franchises located in Love's Travel Stops). I was full from a healthy (ahem) brunch – but had to sample some Carl's fare – for the good of the blog.

More after the jump:


You always crave what you can't have – this menu is refreshing just 'cause it's different. Above is the classic Six Dollar Burger ($4.79). I like it – nice char flavor, decent veggies, mustard, mayo & ketchup.


Next: the Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger! This was REALLY good – Spicy Guac and a Sante Fe Sauce with real kick made me wish we had some of these in town. Got some Natural Cut Fries and the CrissCut variety. All in all, it's not quite as I remember the experience on the West Coast… but different from our local chains and satisfying. Of course, I couldn't eat all this – had a couple bites of eat and stuck the bag in the trunk for the rest of the trip home… the result was less than desirable! But, that was a fun diversion.

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