Korean with a personal touch – Yourim Restaurant, Dallas

It's fair to say that I do get around – to a large number of Asian restaurants anyway. Friends of many cultures take me to a variety of establishments, but when certain chefs make a point to drag me somewhere multiple times… noteworthy.
Here at Yourim, located next to Mac Karaoke in the Korean enclave of Royal & 35, we find familiar dishes – made with integrity, detail… and love.

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_1 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_04

^ Jokbal – sliced pig's feet. Traditionally eaten wrapped in lettuce. Here with many delicious banchan.

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_02 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_03

^ Banchan detail.

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_05 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_10

^ Jokbal preparation. ^ and Pajeo with seafood – a pancake made from eggs, rice flour, and here – green leeks. Wonderful.

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_06 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_07

Soups on!

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_08 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_09

^ GopChang JunGol… Intestines of Ox, tripe, vegetables… amazing.

Yourim_Korean_Dallas_11 Yourim_Korean_Dallas_12

^ the previous week we did the YumSo JunGol – an excellent goat and vegetable soup.

Love this place. We go late, you can enjoy Soju until 2am, and food until 4am.

I have heard some discussion that the restaurant's name is "Youlim."  When I asked at the restaurant they pointed to the menu. It's somewhere lost in translation.


Regardless, Find it at 2525 Royal Ln, #317, Dallas, 75229. And as Andrew comments below, yes they are off to Korea 'til late September! I might have told you guys that part – d'oh!