Fighting Food Blog Fatigue in the Dog Days of Dallas Summer.

Thought I’d feature this one again (yes I realize it’s raining – I posted this in August!):

The air is too damn hot! I have REAL work to do! What’s up with all these blogs all the sudden?!

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, I’m extremely busy at my actual job and laser focused on the launch of this little piece of social media magic. And, yes, the for-profit Dallas food blog scene is now crowded with major new players.

These realities had conspired to place TheBrad’s Blog on hiatus, from which it is now returning. Since I do this blog mainly for fun and not for income, I needed to redefine its focus in order to inspire its future. Being less interested in breaking news, scandal, releasing press, or tabloid shenanigans than, say, food porn – is telling. So we’ll get back to the original passion of the blog:


Sexy pics of food and wine, the environs they occupy, the passionate people behind their creation and presentation – and a few sentence fragments to hold it all together.

I do have some other stuff up my sleeve. I am a filmmaker and am a partner in a major social media management firm, after all – so there are shenanigans of my own design afoot. But the main purpose of this blog is to share with you moments, tastes, spaces that I find exceptional or at least worth your time to seek out.

I have a backlog of literally 70 stories, many too good to let slip by, so I’ll be posting events from the last year or so along with current adventures. In the context of adding to the record I hope you will find this a continually entertaining experience.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!


^ A fooding frenzy! Breaking news and press media dinners are well covered by other blogger pals, though I attend these events on rare occasion. (This media dinner at Screen Door was .

I frequent many of the establishments that I cover often, and accept invitations to certain charity events to “help the cause,” and… have some fun. Otherwise – I take pics of food that intrigues me – prepared by people who’s talent I respect, and often who’s friendship I cherish.

Teppo_Binchotan2 Teppo_Binchotan1

^ Inspiration. My friend of 16 years returns to his roots for my B-Day dinner.


^ Integrity. ThePack.