Chef John Tesar’s The Commissary “Industry” Preview – Dallas


Life returns to the once dormant corner of One Arts Plaza as The Commissary is born.


The space is open and bright in daylight.

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-02 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-04

^ Barman extraordinaire Michael Martensen has created Wine Cocktails, Sangrias and Punch Bowls. Here he whips up a new concoction featuring some of these excellent selections.

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-05 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-07

^ Martensen and consulting sommelier Scott Barber enjoy a sip; "Industry" types enjoy their Monday off (Lucia's David Uygur with Michael Flynn and Bruno Davaillon of The Mansion.)

Commissary-Dallas-Tesar-Preview-1 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-06

^ Friends and Family.


^ JT offers a bite of Kobe Hot Dog.

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-08 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-15

^ Sliders and Dogs were enjoyed by all.

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-11 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-12

^ Free Tap Wine and Beer flowed all evening as guests enjoyed the weather and beautiful patio settings.


Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-14 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-17

^ Martensen's outstanding White Tea Sangria – get some!

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-19 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-18

…and finally some after hours shenanigans…

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-21 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-22

"It's a celebration, bitchez!"

Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-24 Commissary-Tesar-Dallas-Preview-23

^ Patrons express themselves. Welcome to The Commissary.