Tim Byres’ Whole Pig on the Patio at Smoke, Dallas

I smell like "Smoke," and I like it. In celebration of Tim Byres winning Food & Wine Magazine's "The People's Best New Chef Southwest," the boys put together a little fiesta on the patio.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-01 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-03

^ Check out that pig! (and Tim, too!)

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-04 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-02

^ Ceviche; and fixin's.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-05 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-11

^ Chef Byres adds some flavor, as a interpretive piñata version of himself looms above.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-07 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-12


Friend-foodie-bloggy-chefy types.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-09 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-08

^ Mariachis perform as the comedy classic "Three Amigos" plays on the wall above. We make many El Guapo references – a plethora of references, in fact.


Byres overlooks his patio, and contemplates the potential of similar evenings coming this summer. Stay tuned!