A Taste of Abraham Salum’s Komali – Dallas

Some conspicuous wine types and I dropped by Abraham Salum's Komali, like, two days after it opened – but I thought I'd put up this post to go along with Leslie Brenner's recent DMN review:

Komali-Salum-12 Komali-Salum-11

I really dug the design of the place, myself.


There is a large and lively bar between the two dining areas.

Komali-Salum-01 Komali-Salum-05

^ Wine guys know tequila as well, so we took advantage of Komali's tequila flights and sampled a dozen nice reposados – an excellent value.

Komali-Salum-02 Komali-Salum-03

^ Tamalitos del dia: Oaxaca style tamales topped with mole coloradito; ^ Quesadillas del dia: a trio of quesadillas of the day served with roasted tomato and raw tomatillo salsas.

Komali-Salum-04 Komali-Salum-08

^ Queso de Cabra: morita chile goat cheese topped with a sweet piloncillo sauce and grilled bread (a BIG hit at our table); ^ and the Ceviche de Pescado: fish ceviche with avocado, cilantro, tomato, red onions and totopos.

Komali-Salum-09 Komali-Salum-07

^ the Pozole de Puerco: braised pork pozole served with cabbage, radish, onion, lime and oregano.

Komali-Salum-06 Komali-Salum-10

I'll be back for the ^ Huatape Verde de Mariscos: tomatillo shrimp and avocado leaf broth with mixed seafood; ^ The somms picked us a nice Rioja.


Abraham ran back and forth from his eponymous restaurant, Salum, next door, checking in on the goings on. We had a couple service glitches, but the place was two days old – we'll be back for more.

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