March 2011

A Taste of Abraham Salum’s Komali – Dallas

Some conspicuous wine types and I dropped by Abraham Salum's Komali, like, two days after it opened – but I thought I'd put up this post to go along with Leslie Brenner's recent DMN review:

Komali-Salum-12 Komali-Salum-11

I really dug the design of the place, myself.


There is a large and lively bar between the two dining areas.

Komali-Salum-01 Komali-Salum-05

^ Wine guys know tequila as well, so we took advantage of Komali's tequila flights and sampled a dozen nice reposados – an excellent value.

Komali-Salum-02 Komali-Salum-03

^ Tamalitos del dia: Oaxaca style tamales topped with mole coloradito; ^ Quesadillas del dia: a trio of quesadillas of the day served with roasted tomato and raw tomatillo salsas.

Komali-Salum-04 Komali-Salum-08

^ Queso de Cabra: morita chile goat cheese topped with a sweet piloncillo sauce and grilled bread (a BIG hit at our table); ^ and the Ceviche de Pescado: fish ceviche with avocado, cilantro, tomato, red onions and totopos.

Komali-Salum-09 Komali-Salum-07

^ the Pozole de Puerco: braised pork pozole served with cabbage, radish, onion, lime and oregano.

Komali-Salum-06 Komali-Salum-10

I'll be back for the ^ Huatape Verde de Mariscos: tomatillo shrimp and avocado leaf broth with mixed seafood; ^ The somms picked us a nice Rioja.


Abraham ran back and forth from his eponymous restaurant, Salum, next door, checking in on the goings on. We had a couple service glitches, but the place was two days old – we'll be back for more.

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Savor Dallas 2011 & AIWF: Wine and Cheese Pairing Event at The Mansion

Between Savor Dallas’ heavily attended Arts District Wine Stroll on Friday and the Grand Tasting the following evening, discerning American Institute of Wine and Food members enjoyed Savor’s civilized wine and cheese pairing event at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Well, somewhat civilized – things got rowdy in the Sheppard King suite about halfway through the eight wines. Of course, that’s part of the fun!


The delightful Paula Lambert brought along a lovely selection of her excellent Mozzarella Company cheeses, and The Mansion’s  wonderful sommelier, Michael Flynn, offered inspired and clever wine pairings for each.

Savor-Dallas-2011-AIWF-Mansion-Wine-Cheese-1 Savor-Dallas-2011-AIWF-Mansion-Wine-Cheese-2

Michael Flynn is passionate about education, as devotees of his unpretentious and casual weekly Thursday Wine Chats, can attest. One lesson, that is always fun to explore, reveals that most cheeses actually pair much better with white wines – the results often sublime. The first four cheeses were paired with whites:

#1 Crescenza  ~ “Singing” Gruner Veltliner, Laurenz V, Austria 2009

#2 Hoja Santa Goat ~ Terroir Coquerel, Sauvignon Blanc, Napa 2007 (Paula’s Hoja Sante wrapped Goat Cheese is a real treat.)

#3 Herbed Goat Log ~ Riesling Muhlheimer Sonnenlay, Dr. Richter, Mosel 2007

#4 Smoked Scamorza Cow ~ Folie à  Deux Chardonnay, Napa 2009

#5 Montasio Festivo ~ Barbera Tre Vigne, Vietti, Piedmont, Italy 2007

#6 Black Pepper Caciotta ~ Alto Las Homigas Malbec Reserva, Mendoza, Argentina 2008

#7 Blanca Bianca ~ Moscatel Seleccion Especial, Jorge Ordoñez, Málaga, Spain 2007

#8 Deep Ellum Blue ~ Ferreira 20-year-old Tawny Port.

– some really amazing results.

Savor-Dallas-2011-AIWF-Mansion-Wine-Cheese-4 Savor-Dallas-2011-AIWF-Mansion-Wine-Cheese-5

Go visit Paula at her shop in Deep Ellum, and be sure to check out the fun at Michael Flynn’s Wine Chat at The Mansion, every Thursday at 6:15 sharp – it’s only 25 bucks, Michael won’t divulge the theme or selections before the event, and it”s the best deal in town!


Tim Byres’ Whole Pig on the Patio at Smoke, Dallas

I smell like "Smoke," and I like it. In celebration of Tim Byres winning Food & Wine Magazine's "The People's Best New Chef Southwest," the boys put together a little fiesta on the patio.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-01 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-03

^ Check out that pig! (and Tim, too!)

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-04 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-02

^ Ceviche; and fixin's.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-05 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-11

^ Chef Byres adds some flavor, as a interpretive piñata version of himself looms above.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-07 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-12


Friend-foodie-bloggy-chefy types.

Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-09 Time-Byres-Smoke-Dallas-08

^ Mariachis perform as the comedy classic "Three Amigos" plays on the wall above. We make many El Guapo references – a plethora of references, in fact.


Byres overlooks his patio, and contemplates the potential of similar evenings coming this summer. Stay tuned!

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