The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey, 2010

The turkey has done come to roost. Here is my 2010 Thanksgiving round-up.

As many people do, I had a split holiday this year. One of my brothers (the one from LA) came home this time – so we had Thanksgiving early at our mom's, then we did a late dinner for our dad at my place. The original plan was to do my thing to Mom's turkey at her house, then take Dad out to dinner later – but I found myself at Central Market early enough last Wednesday – and I just couldn't help myself. 45 mins later it was clear that I was doing 2 turkeys.

(On a side note: Having procured mine early, I did a little survey at two Central Market locations regarding their Duck Fat availability. In each case my query was met with "It's the strangest thing – we ran out really early this year…" I intend to work with them next year to make sure there is a sufficient supply for my curious readers!)

Luckily, Mom had all her famous sides under control – so all I had to do was show up and inject, then monitor the roasting with my bro – who is also a devotee of my process. Mom is happy enough to relinquish turkey duty to her sons, having enjoyed the results these last five years or so. All went to plan – the perfect bird was achieved, and enjoyed by all.

Five hours later, we did it all again!

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-01 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey -1

^ The Free Range Turkey – brined overnight; ^ Patted down, with the aromatics ready.

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-02 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-04

^ Aromatics and herbs in place; and The Duck Fat. (I know…)

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-05 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-06

^ Plumped up and ready to go; ^ and after the first 30 mins at 500°.

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-07 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-12

^ My famous Roasted Chestnut Mashed Potatoes; and some other sides…

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-08 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-09

^ The disturbingly decadent Turkey/Duck Fat drippings; and the resulting gravy.

The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-10 The-Brads-Perfect-Turkey-11

^ Yes – perfect. The meat literally gushes…!


^ …and this is what it's all about. Food is love, my friends. The Happiest of Holidays to you all!