Tei-An Dazzles, Daily. Dallas

Craaazy busy lately. While I work toward posting a ton of new items – enjoy this recent 'omakase' meal at Tei-An. Just some random weeknight. Descriptions seem superfluous. Just go to Tei-An and submit!


Tei-An-Dallas_01 Tei-An-Dallas_02

Tei-An-Dallas_03 Tei-An-Dallas_08

Tei-An-Dallas_04 Tei-An-Dallas_05

Tei-An-Dallas_06 Tei-An-Dallas_07

Tei-An-Dallas_09 Tei-An-Dallas_11



Tei-An-Dallas_13 Tei-An-Dallas_14

Teiichi never disappoints. Here are a few more morsels from another (crazy) evening:

Tei-An-Dallas_2_3 Tei-An-Dallas_2_2

Tei-An-Dallas_2_1 Tei-An-Dallas_2_4

…I know… I know… Brad at Tei-An – SHOCKER! But, it is so excellent. More variety to come.