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November 22, 2010


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That thing looks delicious.


That turkey looks ridiculously good. I've never injected a bird before, so I'm a bit nervous, but you had me at duck fat. Maybe I'll even have some leftover for some duck fat fries....

John Larsen are rocking the bird. Well done

Renay San Miguel

This turkey probably tastes so good, it makes you want to slap your grandma...


Renay - that's about right!


You just love using them needles...great post. Makes me hungry


Finally got around to making this...I know, its January, but man it is awesome and now we have turkey to snack on all week.
Thanks for the great tips, and now that we have practiced, there is no way my aunt is every doing the thanksgiving turkey ever again.

Margie Hubbard

Looks great!

Cooking a Turkey

The longer its being brined the delicious it is, it adds a better flavor, make it more tender and more moist, It will not just make your turkey perfect I think more than perfection.


Brad -- when do you put the duck fat on the skin of the bird? Before you put it in the oven, after its roasted for 500 degrees or at some other point?
thanks so much


I slather it up right before sticking it in the oven!


Where'd you get your chinois? Have you ever tried a drum sieve for the sauce?


I got the chinois and also a tamis from

Istanbul Tours

To celebrate the re-invigoration of said blog, I am sharing a yummy turkey breast brining method and rhubarb orange compote recipe.

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