Fried Food Foray – State Fair of Texas 2010

…and just like – that the 100+° days of summer are behind us, Oktoberfest is waning, and it's time again for the State Fair of Texas.


I took advantage of the overcast skies and 70°s temperature last Saturday to miss the throngs usually present on day two of the three week event.


Remember to take this post with a grain of (deep fried) salt. None of this stuff is actually "good," consuming it often results in abdominal pain, and it will probably kill you. But it's fun – so there. I sampled a bite or two of each of this year's "in-competition" fried offerings (save the Fried Chocolate… I couldn't bear another bite).


L^ Winner of this year's "Most Creative" is the Fried Beer™ – I was surprised by this one – pretzel pockets fried with liquid Guinness beer inside. There was uctually beer in there! It was weird; R^ Texas Fried Caviar - Black-eyed peas are fried and laced with spices blended with Old Bay® Seasoning. I ordered mine Spicy. You can imagine – salty… good with beer.


L^ Fernie’s Fried Club Salad – Club salad fried in a spinach wrap. This is the half-order with ranch dressing. I liked this, and the fried crouton was good, to boot; R^ Deep Fried S’mores Pop•Tart®  - a chocolate Pop•Tart® with peanut butter s’mores flavor is lightly battered & deep fried, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream. Uhh… that was pretty good, too.


L^ Fried Lemonade – Country Time® Lemonade flavored pastry is baked, then fried, glazed with a mix of lemonade, powdered sugar, and lemon zest. Lemon-y decadence; R^ Deep Fried Frozen Margarita – Magarita mix flavored fried funnel cake batter, doused in tequila and served in a salt rimmed glass. Fun and not bad!


L^ "Best Taste" winner, Texas Fried Frito Pie – Corn chips smeared with Texas chili and sharp cheddar, lightly battered and fried – served with hot sauce and sour cream. The bites that actually had all the components together worked well; R^ …and I had to get me a Fletcher's Corny Dog – a must. I ate all of that one!