Quick Fire Visit w/ Top Chef “Cheftestant” Tiffany Derry at Go Fish, Dallas

I met up with John Tesar, culinary guru for Dallas Restaurant Group (Go Fish Ocean Club's corporate parent), to see what's up at the Far North Dallas restaurant – and remind people that Dallas' latest Top Chef contender is right here cooking in her kitchen. 


^ Go Fish Exec. Chef Tiffany Derry wondering why Brad is all up in her business… I did cause some consternation with my VERY early scoop on her involvement in Top Chef. My source eventually turned out to be quite right.


^ All is forgiven and she serves us up some of the goods, including this Halibut dish.


^ Poussin Roulade – Roasted Artichoke, Baby Carrots, Glazed Onion; ^ Hawaiian Tuna – Sesame Seed Crusted, Spring Risotto, Lemongrass.


^ Tiffany Derry and John Tesar talking shop.


^ The only reality show fireworks of the evening came in the form of the table side Bananas Foster.

I was able to provided some assistance when Tiffany inquired about where to go for late night Asian food. I directed her to my post on Dal Dong Nae – and she and her crew were off!

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