From Tei-An to Dal Dong Nae – The Boys Hit the Town.

Sunday night, Tei-An made good on their rain-delayed Grand Opening party for the Rooftop Patio. The place was packed upstairs and down, and spilled out into One Arts Plaza. Crooner Hunter Sullivan performed on the rooftop and the guests enjoyed Teiichi's hospitality.


Nobu Dallas exec chef Matt Raso and I caught up and BS'ed as the crowd thinned. Eventually, Tei-An started to feel like it's old self as Teiichi, Hunter, Matt, Suze chef Jeff Hobbs and I commiserated in the bar as Yosuke and Val put the place back together – and kept the Yamazaki flowing. Soon, Nobu manager Yuka Hinoda joined and we took the party on the road:


^Japanese food types sure know where to get good grub at 3 A.M. Dal Dong Nae Chicken & Hof in "Korea Town."

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas03 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas02

^We start with some soju (this type distilled from potato w/ sugar added); ^Teach and Hunter peruse the menu.

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas04 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas12

^Banchan (small dishes that typically accompany a traditional Korean meal – the most common banchan is kimchi.)  ^Featured here are some delicious little sausages.

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas05 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas06

^ A pork ssam dish, Jokbal (cured pork wrapped in lettuce with condiments).

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas09 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas07

^Korean Barbecue!

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas13 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas14

^Nobu peeps Yuka (L) and Matt (R) dig in.

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas08 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas10

^The famous "Army Soup," Budae Jjigae.

Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas11 Dal_Dong_Ne_Korean_Dallas16 

Crazy good stuff. If you don't eat like this – get out of your box and live a little!

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