Côtes du Coeur: Château Pontet-Canet Luncheon at Dali Wine Bar Honoring Alfred Tesseron – Dallas

This was my first year attending any of the American Heart Association’s annual Côtes du Coeur fundraising events – and I did it up in a big way. Here is the first of three posts featuring events that took place in a 36 hour period. These people are serious!


First up was a luncheon at Dali Wine Bar and Cellar honoring the 2010 Tête de Cuvée Award Recipient Alfred Tesseron, co-owner of Château Pontet-Canet. His is one of the 61 wineries in the Bordeaux Wine Offical Classification of 1855, and the first to go somewhatbiodynamic.” He is also very cool.

 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron20  Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron13 

The exclusive attendees of the lunch dug into their private cellars and donated enough bottles of Pontet-Canet to allow for a vertical tasting of the 1995 and 1996 as well as the 2000 through 2006 vintages. What a treat.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron03 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron08

Dali’s talented chef, Joel Harloff, obliges with some truly wonderful pairings.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron-31 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron04

The 2005 decants as we enjoy passed Hors d’œuvre. ^ Veal Sweetbread and Wild Mushroom Tart w/ Veal Demi-Glace.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron01 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron07

^ Roasted Laughing Bird Shrimp (Belize) Skewers. Lunch guest and wine nut Tom Wesner is a patron of the Blanck Pinot Gris and brought along enough for all to enjoy.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron16 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron12

^ As the Bordeaux flows we start with Blueberry & Shiraz Braised Veal Cheeks with Caramelized Shallot Potato Croquette, Oregon Mushroom Ragout and Red Wine Gastrique Veal Sauce.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron17 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron14

^ Pan seared Duo of Duck Breast and Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Wheat Berries, Petite Zucchini Saute and Fresh Thyme Duck Reduction.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron19 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron18

^ Grilled Center Cut Prime NY Strip with Roasted Velvet Piopinni Mushrooms, Humbolt Fog Whipped Potatoes and Red Wine Demi-Glace.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron21 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron22 

^ For afters – Marinated Fresh Berry Tart with Chocolate Mousse, Port Berry Sauce and Marble Chocolate Garnish. And a little Sauternes for good measure.

Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron-52 Cotes-du-Coeur-Dali-Tesseron23


^ Tesseron loses the jacket and regales us with tales of buying the vineyard’s three new work horses over the internet. ^ Dali proprietor Paul Pinnell and chef Joel Harloff.

Hanging out afterwards, Alfred turned me on to a cool new iPhone app that I wasn’t aware of. Just what you’d expect from a third-generation Bordeaux winemaker.

Below: Joel’s crew. Undeterred by the often packed house, these guys bang out the goods from this tiny kitchen day in and day out. Great job!


This is the kind of food Joel is making daily at Dali – get over there and check it out! And as far as the wine goes – Paul always has some stash of amazing White Burgundy – and they will open any bottle in the house if you buy two glasses. Nice! (well, almost any bottle…)

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