The Macaron Post

I made these:


So there. 

Recently a little post over there on SideDish featuring some well-intentioned (but rough-hewn) examples of this classic french confectionery sparked a rather entertaining debate (and here) on whether one is to pronounce them macaron or macaroonThomas Keller, Pierre Hermé and I say macaron. Whatever – it inspired me to dig out this story, one that I held from posting.

A few months ago, my friend brought me back a dozen macarons from Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery. I'd never really had a good one before, I guess – 'cause I was floored by the incredible textural experience and almond laced flavor of these little buggers.


As a fun way to thank my friend, I learned how to make them!

TheBrad_Macarons02 TheBrad_Macarons01 

^ A key part of the process is to "age" the egg whites needed for the batter – that's right… these sat out at room temperature for 24 hrs. ^Then you need ground almonds or "almond flour."

TheBrad_Macarons04 TheBrad_Macarons06 

^ For the classic pistachio macaron, ground pistachios are added along with the standard confectionary sugar. ^ Here, additional granulated sugar is tinted green with food coloring to enhance the appearance of the final product.

TheBrad_Macarons07 TheBrad_Macarons08 

^The colored sugar is whipped into the egg whites; then these are incorporated with the almonds, pistachios and confectionary sugar. 

TheBrad_Macarons09 TheBrad_Macarons10 

^ For a "cappuccino" version of the batter, I added ground espresso beans to the sugar and omitted the pistachios.

TheBrad_Macarons11 TheBrad_Macarons13 

^I found out that I didn't have a pastry bag – so I did the baggie trick – meh… imperfect rounds – even after the obligatory smacking down of the trays.

TheBrad_Macarons14 TheBrad_Macarons18 

^All this trouble and precise baking are in aid of producing these little "feet" at the bottom of the cookie. I kind of over-achieved on this batch, but the crisp shell and moist, airy interior were well produced. Traditionally, a filling of ganache, buttercream or jam is sandwiched between two cookies.

TheBrad_Macarons_12 TheBrad_Macarons_14 

^I made some blueberry buttercream to fill some of the coffee cookies; ^and a pistachio buttercream for that type.

TheBrad_Macarons_15 TheBrad_Macarons_17 

^I also made a violet buttercream for some of the pistachio cookies – awesome. Far from perfect, but not too shabby!