Savor tha Flava. Quick Pics: Savor Dallas 2010

I was able to run by the International Grand Tasting portion of the 2010 Savor Dallas event last Saturday night. After a maddening parking adventure, I made a mad dash to take some snaps, sample some of the goods, and chat with some of my chef pals. Then I found Jay Liddell at The Macallan table and became distracted discussing the Mac 18, for the umpteenth time… no matter – here are just a very few bites from the over 60 restaurants participating.

Savor-Dallas-201002 Savor-Dallas-201003 

^ A Pork Belly dish by Estevan Galindo, Hattie’s Restaurant; ^ Grilled ‘Mongolian’ Lamb Chops, Hunan Eggplant, Chili-Mint Vinaigrette – Sara Johannes, Five-Sixty by Wolfgang Puck.

Savor-Dallas-201004 Savor-Dallas-201005 

^ Dali Wine Bar chef Joel Harloff and his Wild Boar Orecchiette dish.

Savor-Dallas-201007 Savor-Dallas-201008 

^ From Suze Restaurant‘s Jeffery Hobbs – Steak Tartare and Grilled Cheese. I want a jar of this relish.

Savor-Dallas-201009 Savor-Dallas-201010 

^ Paul Peddle of Pyramid Restaurant at the Fairmont served this Duck presentation.

Savor-Dallas-201013 Savor-Dallas-201014 

^ The guys from Kenny’s Woodfire Grill in Addison served up a ton o’ Ribs; ^ Here’s The Second Floor Bistro Exec. Chef J Chastain’s Asian Beef Short Rib.

Savor-Dallas-201011 Savor-Dallas-201012 

The ladies from Empire Bakery and the delightful Paula Lambert of Mozzarella Company; and her delicious Cottage Cheese.

Savor-Dallas-201016 Savor-Dallas-201017 

^ The gregarious Pascal Cayet of Lavendou offered Lobster Bisque and Escargot en Croute.

Savor-Dallas-201018 Savor-Dallas-201019 

^ Ceviche by Dallas Fish Market; ^ and a Beef Carpaccio dish from Dallas Chop House‘s Kenny Mills.

Savor-Dallas-201015 Savor-Dallas-201020 

^Bolsa‘s Bleu Cheese stuffed Dates with “Zip Code” Honey; ^ and a bite from Kenichi.

Savor-Dallas-201021 Savor-Dallas-201006 

^ From Bruce Ross of The Tower Club: Cauliflower and Horseradish Panna Cotta with American Sturgeon Caviar; ^ and La Duni‘s Cuatro Leches Cake.