Quick Bite: Manny’s Uptown Mexican… in Addison.

We dropped by Manny’s Uptown Mexican Restaurante in Addison (across the street from Snuffer’s on Midway) to enjoy the patio weather and some lunch. Comida? “What’s Spanish for “lunch” I know milk is leche…?” (That’s a bastardization of a movie quote – good luck guessing that one.)

Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison1 Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison6 

Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison2 Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison3 

^We enjoyed the Brisket Queso; ^CK got the #11 – I happily devoured a bite or two.

Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison4 Manny's_Uptown_Tex_Mex_Addison5 

^I went with the Two Beef Burritos: ^They came with one Sauce and I added another: the Tomatillo, and the Pica-Pica – a nicely fiery and flavorful choice, mealy with dried red jalapeños. Pretty good stuff, I’ll be back. They have half a dozen other interesting sauces… the Chile Vinegar is calling me.

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