Mansion Noir: Sexy Food in the Shadows. Bruno’s Charcuterie.


I was once again slinking around the bar at The Mansion recently…

Mansion-Noir-11 Mansion-Noir-12 

LK and I sampled some of the tempting new cocktails under development while chatting up chef Bruno Davaillon. When I asked what was new, I was well rewarded:

Mansion-Noir-13 Mansion-Noir-14 

Mansion-Noir-15 Mansion-Noir-16 

^ Charcuterie from Bruno’s family recipes. Nothing went to waste from this little piggy – and not a morsel remained on this plate.

Rosewood-Mansion-Art-21 Rosewood-Mansion-Art-22 

^ That Thursday, after enjoying Somm Michael Flynn’s Wine Chat, I was able to enjoy the Head Cheese once again, this time with Black Truffles; along with a little Squab, Foie, and Duck with Sunchoke and Truffle Purées. …Damn…