Check it: Bacon Jam. Yes, Bacon Jam.

A couple weeks ago I couldn't help but note two references to Bacon Jam on facebook during the same day. I think one mention was by my pal Claudia Young, an excellent eater – the other from a former Top Chef contestant. Eventually I gave in:


A quick Google yielded some ideas. I did some picking and choosing and came up with a plan.

I diced some thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and sautéed it in butter with some shallots. After the shallots caramelized I added garlic, brown sugar, sherry vinegar and Sriracha. Then some chicken stock…

Bacon-Jam2 Bacon-Jam3 

That cooks down for a while – then goes in some espresso! Man, the house smelled – decadent.

Bacon-Jam4 Bacon-Jam5 

This stuff is crazy good! I leave it to you to figure out what to put it on – I ate most of it straight from the jar! Caramelized pig parts iz goood.

UPDATE: The dish Claudia mentioned that started all this was: sweetbreads, candied kumquats, bacon jam at craftbar, Atlanta. …Dang.