Banh Xeo at Nam Hua Vietnamese Cuisine, Garland

I love me the Vietnamese food. Phở is often the cure of the day, but delving deeper into the cuisine offers further delights. A great place to experience these is Nam Hua in Garland’s Saigon Plaza.


Sure they have a nice phở (and sometimes you really need a nice phở):

Nam-Hua-Restaurant2 Nam-Hua-Restaurant1 

Nam-Hua-Restaurant5 Nam-Hua-Restaurant6 

Chanh muối, a kind of salted Lime (or Lemon)-ade. ^And these delicious Grilled Mussles – with cream cheese and scallions.

But I’m here for the Banh Xeo.

Nam-Hua-Restaurant3 Nam-Hua-Restaurant4 

Bánh Xèo means “sizzling cake.” It’s a savory rice flour pancake/crepe/omlette with pork, shrimp and sprouts. You wrap it up in lettuce leaves and dip it liberally in Nước chấm – a sweet and acidic fish sauce. Frickin’ good.


Ask for the translation of the back page of the menu for the goods. Enjoy!

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