Above the Fray: Chef John Tesar’s Food


While I wait to be able to tell you what I know (and why I am excited) about what Tesar has up his sleeve – I thought I would remind everyone about a certain detail lost in the vitriol backing up the local blogosphere: Tesar can cook. Here is some of the food I enjoyed during his previous stint in Dallas:

Chef-John-Tesar01 Chef-John-Tesar02

Chef-John-Tesar03 Chef-John-Tesar04 

Chef-John-Tesar05 Chef-John-Tesar06 

Chef-John-Tesar07 Chef-John-Tesar08 

Chef-John-Tesar09 Chef-John-Tesar10 

Chef-John-Tesar11 Chef-John-Tesar12 


Chef-John-Tesar13 Chef-John-Tesar14 

Chef-John-Tesar15 Chef-John-Tesar16 

Chef-John-Tesar17 Chef-John-Tesar18 

Chef-John-Tesar19 Chef-John-Tesar20 

Chef-John-Tesar21 Chef-John-Tesar22 

Chef-John-Tesar23 Chef-John-Tesar26 

Chef-John-Tesar27 Chef-John-Tesar28 

Chef-John-Tesar29 Chef-John-Tesar30 

Here's hoping we will have this stuff locally again, soon.