Tei-An, Dallas – Rooftop Patio Nearing Completion!

( UPDATE: Jan. 25, 2010 – More here. )

Well, it IS literally freezing out, and it's snowed twice in the last week… but things are coming together at Tei-An's rooftop patio. Construction is complete; furniture coming in; some details remain – but here is a look at the digs so far:


^ It is rather spacious in person. The bar will be at the far left.


^ View from the bar area. The glass double doors access the elevator from the first floor bar at Tei-An. There are some other amenities and nifty features still to come.

Tei-An_Patio_Dallas2 Tei-An_Patio_Dallas1 

^ Looking up; ^ and, your intrepid blog-whore…

We also had our annual Festivus celebration at Tei-An tonight… Teach was insane with the food, here are just a few highlights:

Tei-An_12092 Tei-An_12091 

^ Toro Bacon (yes, stupid perfect); ^ Ankimo in Muscadet.

Tei-An_12094 Tei-An_12093 

^ The Daily Sashimi (impeccable quality, as usual. Teiichi picked it up at air cargo from Japan 3 hrs before it was in my belly); ^ and perhaps one of the most decadent things I've yet savored: a Full Yellowtail Collar – it's about 18" across. 'Succulent' does not begin to describe… Stay tuned!