Quick Bite: smashburger, Addison


I skipped the "Blogger Pre-Opening" event at smashburger a few weeks ago, as I rarely attend those deals. But, I've joined the guys from work for lunch at smashburger twice this week (two days in a row, actually). iPhone pics for this impromptu post:

SmashBurger_05 SmashBurger_02 

You order at the counter and the VERY attentive staff brings out the goods, offers additional "sauces," and checks up on you from time to time. The manager is also helpful in slotting customers into vacating booths during the very bustling lunch crush. The name? Well, the deal is that they take a ball of loosely ground fresh Angus and "smash" it down on the grill. It makes for a juicy and pleasingly irregular patty.

SmashBurger_03 SmashBurger_06 

^ The Mushroom Swiss with a side of the Haystack Onions (thin and crispy, great with the spicy Horseradish dip; ^ and the Spicy Baja Burger – Pepper Jack, Guac, Chipotle Mayo, Fresh Jalps. I added "Smash Sauce" for my smashfries – Mayo, Mustard, Pickles, Lemon Juice (you know I love me the condiments).

SmashBurger_08 SmashBurger_07 

^ Here are the Sweet Potato smashfries and the gory but delicious smashburger with Beefy Chili added. Both the Potato and Sweet Potato smashfries are tossed with Olive Oil, Rosemary and Garlic… nice.

SmashBurger_09 SmashBurger_10 

^ As it was frickin' freezing out, Bob found the open-face Lonestar smashburger quite comforting. I guess we lucked out here, the D/FW version of the menu is a bit more interesting than some of the other locations. Cold weather be damned – we had to try the shakes – served old school. I dug my Strawberry Malt.

In the 'skinny burger" category we found these to be really good. They use a seasoning salt on the meat while grilling, though it was a bit heavy handed on the second visit – and I'm not opposed to salty burgers (I adore the Snuffer's variety). Other friends have mentioned having an issue with saltiness at smashburger – you might remind them when ordering – but don't let it stop you from trying this place out.

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