I blogged Luscher’s The Grape and lived to, well, blog about it…

You may be aware of the flap caused by this post over at Hiller's blog recounting The Grape chef/owner Brian Luscher's feelings on early reviews and casual food blogging.


I kinda agree with him. I started this blog primarily to showcase the food I like to eat in a way that allows others to experience what it really looks like on the plate, at the table. I go to considerable trouble to be unobtrusive while getting the goods. I use a very small camera that is good in low light (NEVER use the flash) and have some skill in image processing. This allows my peeps to see what they are missing! Generally, the only consternation involves my dining companions enduring the obligatory snaps. "Can I eat now, BRAD!"

My readers also understand that I do not do criticism – it's a food porn blog, with a tale here and there.

Well, Brian and I get along just fine. I was at The Grape during that whole Pat Sharpe Burger business and hung around for an early dinner last summer. I thought it would be fun to share the snaps… (Notice the "dreamy depth of field.")

The_Grape1 The_Grape2 

The_Grape3 The_Grape4 


The_Grape5 The_Grape6

Brian and I are cooking up a fun post for the future – stay tuned!

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