Charlie Palmer drops by The Joule – Dallas chefs follow suit.

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas16 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas13 

My quest for exceptional cured meats has me lately hovering around the kitchen of Charlie Palmer at The Joule. Of interest last night was the 'Pigs and Pinot' dinner offered this week as it features "Pork Trio," not to mention Grilled Pork Belly. Chef Palmer was in town for a couple days pimpin' his new "Charlie and Clay" private label wine – so, seemed time for a post. Oh, and some friends dropped by as well.


^Executive Chef Scott Romano (center), and Charlie Palmer (right).

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas17 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas01 

^Executive Chef Scott Romano in his kitchen.

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas02 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas03 

^The Pork Trio, consisting of: ^ Sautéed Head Cheese;

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas04 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas05

^Country Pate; ^Foie Gras and Pork Jowl Terrine.

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas06 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas07 

^Pork Trio at the table. This is a killer dish.

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas09 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas10 

^Grilled Pork Belly – Apple Soubise, Clementine, Braised Red Cabbage. This dish will kill you!

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas11 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas12 

^Grilled Pork Belly; and from pastry chef Ruben Torano: the Poached Comice Pear – Chevre Sorbet, Red Berry Compote.


^Kent Rathbun, Michael Abruzese (late of Il Mulino, now at Bella Bar), Charlie Palmer, Yutaka Yamato of Yutaka and Sharaku, Jeff Harris (Executive Chef, Craft Dallas).

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas14 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas15 

^Dean Fearing, Charlie Palmer, Sharon Hage, Tim Love. …and many others. We also caught up with Mitsuhiro Eguchi and the newly engaged Matt Raso of Nobu-Dallas.

Small Plates were passed, including:

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Plates1 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Plates2 

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Plates3 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Plates11 

We were talking with the lovely and talented Sharon Hage about what's doing for lunch this week when Chef Romano brought out this number for her to sample:

Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Plates4 Charlie_Palmer_Dallas_Squab1 

^It's a sous vide Squab dish: Porchetta / Braised Leg / Brown Butter Spaghetti Squash. Amazing. 

Sharon helped style the dish for my photo, then grabbed us some forks and bade us 'Dig in!" 

Big fun, kids. And, Sharon, see you soon!