Louis XIII & Tei-An… Crack Twins:

Had to post this… I will generally, regardless of better judgement, find my way into some shenanigans. I run with a crazy herd… and some of our pack feeds at Tei-An. So, months ago, hanging out at the bar I meet this dude Sten. He's one of these guys, not unlike my buddy Mike, who win. They travel the world and profess the joys of cocktail culture, and specifically ultra premium spirits… In Sten's case that means Remy Martin's Louis XIII. …Good gig, if you can get it!

After many weeks of discussion, Sten, Teiichi and Yosuke finally got together some Tei-An faithful for a Louis XIII tasting. …wait, we have a few minutes… let me see the specials…:

Tei-An Louis XIII02 Tei-An Louis XIII_a1

^ Marketing; Teiichi's Scallop Carpaccio.

Tei-An Louis XIII05 Tei-An Louis XIII03

^ Louis awaits… ; Remy Martin Brand Ambassador Sten Lilja's Remy Crusta: Remy V.S.O.P., Grenadine, Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitters. (Start of my Fall Cocktail Watch, me-thinks…)

Noka Chocolate provides a nibble as we work through the history of Cognac… and Teiichi needles with:

Tei-An Louis XIII04 Tei-An Louis XIII06

^ Mmmm Hmmm… Asparagus with Squid Ink Mayonnaise, Seared Cold Duck Breast, last-of-the-season Yellow Tomato – stuffed with Crab Salad (Teiichi's "crab salad"… damn…)  Oh, I forgot… we came here to enjoy:

Tei-An Louis XIII08 Tei-An Louis XIII09

^ The Louis Treize. This is stupid good spirit crack. Put this on your "list", and enjoy it when the opportunity arises. I encourage you to delve into the culture of the brand, but the Cliff's Notes are as follows: Louis XIII is a Cognac manufactured from the grapes of the Grande Champagne terroir of Cognac, France. It's actually blended from 1200 eaux-de-vie (each aged at least 40 years, and up to over a century.) This blend is then aged in tiercons – barrels that are literally several hundred years old. To add insult to injury, it is sold in a handblown Baccarat Crystal decanter, itself worth more than most premium spirits. The current cellar master apprenticed for ten years, taking over the predecessor's 30 year stint. Well, it's as good as it should be, by the way.  (Oh, and they have an up-sell path as well…!

Uh, hang on… This is a blog about food crack:

Teiichi and I had a sidebar… in the kitchen:

Tei-An Louis XIII_a2 Tei-An Louisb

^ San Diego Uni in Sea Water… slurped off of Japanese Citrus… 
…it's not a contest…