Deli in Dallas? “Oy, goyim!” Chapter: Zinsky’s

Feh with all the kibitz… I like it. 

Zinsky's - 29

Zinsky's - 21 

You can find lively debate on deli authenticity, recipes, purveyors, etc. on the local intertubes. Zinsky's is what it is. Stylish, clean, welcoming… and satisfying. Enjoy some snaps from a couple recent visits:


Liz and Jim Baron (Blue Mesa) and Mark Brezinski (Bengal Coast) were bold enough to do a deli their way, and I am happier for it. But I'm easy: they provide condiments in squeeze bottles, table side…

Zinsky's - 02 Zinsky's - 01 

^ OMG. Russian Dressing on tap – and both Yellow and Deli Mustards; and the excellent Pickles.

In varied dining circumstances, often the "food" at hand is merely a delivery mechanism for my true love – condiments. So… nice. We will need fries, and things with bread.

Zinsky's - 16 Z_023

^ Not so fast: the delicious Matzo Ball Soup; Zinsky’s Grilled Cheese: American and Cheddar layered with Baked Ham and sliced fresh Tomato on White Bread. Potato Salad.

Zinsky's - 17 Zinsky's - 20 

^ The P.R.S.C. Special: Corned Beef, Salami and Muenster with Russian dressing downstairs, Chopped Liver and shaved Red Onion upstairs on Pumpernickel; The Big Ben: Corned Beef, Pastrami and Swiss downstairs, Roasted Turkey and Cole Slaw upstairs, with Russian Dressing on Rye… and more Russian Dressing, thank you very much. And some more for the fries.

…and thennnnn:


^ The Zinsky. A sandwich for a cause. "A triple-decker lollapalooza with three breads, Roast Beef, Pastrami and Turkey, Muenster, American Cheese and Pepper Jack, Cole Slaw and our Special Dressing. $2 of every Zinsky sold is donated to Jewish Family Service of Dallas."

Z_024 Z_026

I'm not sure if you can grasp the scale here, but it's about a foot long. Any "foodie" (hate that term) outta try it for fun, and the cause… at least once. I will hit the rest of the menu, then get back to this one.


The debate rages on. View these pics, and I defy sammich lovers not to cave to temptation.

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