Summer Cocktail Watch: Masaryk, Addison

It was all blustery looking as I walked over to Masaryk this evening, then the sun came out and it was still only 88°. Cocktails!

Mazaryk_Cocktails1 Mazaryk_Cocktails2

They have some well made Custom Ritas here at Masaryk Modern Mexican Kitchen. Today I opted for the Metrosexual (mostly to see what kind of crazy Google searches I show up in.) Corzo Silver Tequila, Gran Torres Orange Liqueur, Sangria, Lime Juice, Ice. It's sweet, but not too. I could have a couple of these here and there.

Mazaryk_Cocktails3 Mazaryk_Cocktails4

My buddy ordered his usual "Top Shelf Frozen." It's good. Better get some Huaraches for good measure! Huaraches Merced: Corn Masa Discs / Black Beans / Pulled Pork Chille Pasilla / Crema / Queso Fresco / Shoots.