First Look: Tim Love’s Love Shack So7 + Lamb Burger Cook-Off

I'm not snobby about it, it's just that I rarely spontaneously drive to Ft. Worth to eat. I tipped off some friends that were planning to be in FW on Sunday about the "For the Love of Lamb" event that was coinciding with the official opening of Tim Love's latest Love Shack at So7 (SW corner of 7th and Museum Way – the street address of 817 Matisse doesn't show up on map searches yet!) 

I was lounging around my pad on Sunday, trying to motivate, when a series of slobber inducing texts started to arrive. "Get over here, there's so much lamb… ahhh… ahhhh!" Fine – road trip sounds like the ticket anyway.


^ The enclosed patio at Love Shack So7. Lots of room, and hopscotch and washers for the kiddos.

Love_Shack_So713 Love_Shack_So701

^ It was 100°, but the place was opened up. I found the remedy for that (here). You can sit around the central bar, inside and out. Basically the same menu from the original location in the Stockyards.

Meanwhile: there was free lamb to be had! Along with the American Lamb people, Tim hosted Blaine Staniford (Grace), Jason Boso (Twisted Root), Jon Bonnell (Bonnell's), Aaron Staudenmaier & TJ Lengnick (Abacus), Scott Freeman (The Porch), and Scott Romano (Charlie Palmer at the Joule). Each made a Lamb "Burger," with the assembled masses voting in a cheer-off. The event also featured a couple of those Top Chef dudes doing a demonstration (Ilan Hall and Richard Blais).


^ The Burger Chefs. Here are some of the contending creations:

Love_Shack_So704 Love_Shack_So708

Love_Shack_So707 Love_Shack_So705

Love_Shack_So706 Love_Shack_So710

Love_Shack_So7b1 Love_Shack_So7a1

^ Blaine Staniford's was crrrraazzy. You can read the fixin's above, but they added fried quail egg as well! (Thanks, Pete, for the photo of this one.)

And the winner:

Love_Shack_So709 Love_Shack_So702

^ Jon Bonnell of Bonnell's and his winning Bacon Wrapped Roasted Lamb Tenderloin Slider w/ Guacamole. It was delicious! (I'm sure his terrific Buffalo Trace Bourbon Mint Juleps didn't influence the judging.)

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