First Look: Urbino Pizza e Pasta

Can you believe it was only 80° at lunchtime today? Me neither, but here is proof – refreshing open air dining on N. Henderson:

Urbino9 Urbino8 

Urbino opened just a few days ago. After on an ill-fated re-con mission to a nearby famous newcomer, we stopped in here for a bite.


Urbino2 Urbino3

^ We started with a well executed and very affordable Cheese & Salumi plate. The cheeses are from our excellent local purveyors and were accompanied by artisan sausage, salumi, pepperoni, prosciutto du Parma, apricots, almonds, olives, cherries and peaches. Not too bad for a casual joint.

Urbino5 Urbino6

^ Here is the Carne Flatbread Pizza from the pizza oven – and it is FLAT. Barely there crust deftly holds the roasted tomatoes, salametti, portobellos, roasted garlic, roasted peppers, shaved Parmiggiano and more. There are five or six pizzas to choose from, or make your own from a fine list of ingredients. This one was pretty interesting, and after chowing down the whole thing we didn't feel like we'd just eaten a 16" pizza. Not at all traditional – see what you think. (Interestingly, they do a more traditional pie – in a standard oven).

Urbino4 Urbino7

^ Not that the Flatbread Pizza wasn't enough for a meal, but we also tried the Carne Panini – basically the same stuff that was on the particular pizza we ordered, but nicely grilled in bread from Empire Bakery. And; the house made, swooningly textured, and delicious Panna Cotta. 


I liked the vibe very much – just right for this up and coming stretch of Henderson. As it was lunch, I skipped the Frozen Limoncello… but that was tough to do. Next week when it's 104° again, perhaps.