Deli in Dallas? “Oy vey iz mir!” Chapter: Roaster’s

Yeah, yeah… I've been here, I've been there. NYC's greatest hits, even LA haunts … I get deli. Dallasites bicker back and forth – feh! We don't have it here, so let's have fun with what we do have. I, personally, was enamored of Gilbert's, sadly missed these last few years.

Enter Roaster's (in the former Ed's Deli space). 


It comes with the familiar trappings:

Roaster's Selects - 12271 Roaster's Selects - 12272

Roaster's Selects - 12274 Roaster's Selects - 12275

Yep, yep… triggering happy memories…

Roaster's Selects - 12277 Roaster's Selects - 12276

^ My guests enjoyed these selections.

Roaster's Selects - 12273 Roaster's Selects - 12278

^ National Deli Beef Salamies hanging to dry; I opted for the Hard Salami Sandwich - Carnegie Style (sliced from these hanging beauties, once enough moisture has evaporated – this takes at least a month). For scale: that's not a lemon wedge on the plate, it's an orange slice.

It's just a big mess. Once slathered in mustard, it's two meals of goodness. Debate is passionate about this establishment's pastrami purveyor, and other issues – but this sandwich made me happy. So there.

Roaster's Selects - 12279 …and who can't love this eclair… come on.

Meanwhile the Zinsky’s people think they will make everybody happy… Mazal tov!