Burguesa serves a big sloppy mess of good!

I saw a way-too-perfect food shot of Burguesa's formidable La Monumental on a local food blog… and decided to investigate. Jeff Sinelli, founder of Which Wich and Genghis Grill (where you will find us at lunch about once a week… my bowl RULES, btw) has created a "Mexican Burger Joint" that is worth the trip.

Burguesa Selects - 12401 Burguesa Selects - 12399 

^ Best way to describe the location (see orange blip below Sonny's sign); and a close-up (with an unfortunate hovering message – that should cycle out soon enough, one would hope).

Burguesa Selects - 12400 Burguesa Selects - 12398

^ A kinder view; "Gimmie gimmie!"

Burguesa Selects - 12402 Burguesa Selects - 12403 

^ La Monumental: Two beef patties, two slices of cheese, ham, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, refried beans, crunchy tostada, and special creamy sauce on a Bimbo® sesame seed bun, crowned with a whole jalapeño pepper; Strawberry Milkshake and a Donut.

There is no outside seating, so I raced to a parking lot and unwrapped this savory amalgam – not quite as pretty, but it could not have been more satisfying… messy, crunchy, gooey… mushy but with bite… weird, and great. I liked it just fine. I am also a big fan of French fry sauces that are not ketchup (more on this later) – and the spicy mixture provided fit the bill.

I say give it a shot – it's different, fun, and delicious.

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