June 2009

Find the calm: a moment or two @ Tei-An

The prelude to a wonderful tale, and a reminder of what it's all about:

Flagged - 2 Flagged - 1 

^ Hokkaidō Uni, Four Ways; Line Caught Spanish Mackerel. 
… please…

“Lite” Lunch at Masaryk – Addison Circle

Not that chef Gabriel DeLeon needs any more press (his PR machine is in full swing), but I thought I'd post some pics from lunch. The buzz on Masaryk has brought many new faces to Addison Circle, which is also home to Avanti Neighborhood Bistro, Antonio's, Greenz, Kampai Sushi, Pastazio's, Astoria Caffe, Fit Cafe, and my local, Zen Bar

^The A.C.

^Masaryk Modern Mexican Kitchen.

Masaryk_02 Masaryk_03

^Lunch Specials: Two Enchiladas/Eggs; Two Enchiladas/Beef Taco.

Masaryk_04 Masaryk_01

^Enchilada/Pork Tamale/Beef Taco (Spinach Enchilada w/ Cream of Spinach Reduction); My own concoction: the Top Shelf Burrito w/ Shredded Pork and Tomatillo Salsa.

Deli in Dallas? “Oy vey iz mir!” Chapter: Roaster’s

Yeah, yeah… I've been here, I've been there. NYC's greatest hits, even LA haunts … I get deli. Dallasites bicker back and forth – feh! We don't have it here, so let's have fun with what we do have. I, personally, was enamored of Gilbert's, sadly missed these last few years.

Enter Roaster's (in the former Ed's Deli space). 


It comes with the familiar trappings:

Roaster's Selects - 12271 Roaster's Selects - 12272

Roaster's Selects - 12274 Roaster's Selects - 12275

Yep, yep… triggering happy memories…

Roaster's Selects - 12277 Roaster's Selects - 12276

^ My guests enjoyed these selections.

Roaster's Selects - 12273 Roaster's Selects - 12278

^ National Deli Beef Salamies hanging to dry; I opted for the Hard Salami Sandwich - Carnegie Style (sliced from these hanging beauties, once enough moisture has evaporated – this takes at least a month). For scale: that's not a lemon wedge on the plate, it's an orange slice.

It's just a big mess. Once slathered in mustard, it's two meals of goodness. Debate is passionate about this establishment's pastrami purveyor, and other issues – but this sandwich made me happy. So there.

Roaster's Selects - 12279 …and who can't love this eclair… come on.

Meanwhile the Zinsky’s people think they will make everybody happy… Mazal tov!

Burguesa serves a big sloppy mess of good!

I saw a way-too-perfect food shot of Burguesa's formidable La Monumental on a local food blog… and decided to investigate. Jeff Sinelli, founder of Which Wich and Genghis Grill (where you will find us at lunch about once a week… my bowl RULES, btw) has created a "Mexican Burger Joint" that is worth the trip.

Burguesa Selects - 12401 Burguesa Selects - 12399 

^ Best way to describe the location (see orange blip below Sonny's sign); and a close-up (with an unfortunate hovering message – that should cycle out soon enough, one would hope).

Burguesa Selects - 12400 Burguesa Selects - 12398

^ A kinder view; "Gimmie gimmie!"

Burguesa Selects - 12402 Burguesa Selects - 12403 

^ La Monumental: Two beef patties, two slices of cheese, ham, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, refried beans, crunchy tostada, and special creamy sauce on a Bimbo® sesame seed bun, crowned with a whole jalapeño pepper; Strawberry Milkshake and a Donut.

There is no outside seating, so I raced to a parking lot and unwrapped this savory amalgam – not quite as pretty, but it could not have been more satisfying… messy, crunchy, gooey… mushy but with bite… weird, and great. I liked it just fine. I am also a big fan of French fry sauces that are not ketchup (more on this later) – and the spicy mixture provided fit the bill.

I say give it a shot – it's different, fun, and delicious.

Burguesa Burger on Urbanspoon

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