Why so Angry? Have a Burger.

With every season comes another chorus of "Where is the Best Burger in Dallas?" A new-on-the-scene, high profile food personality has recently renewed the debate.  Here is one of my favorites… as much for the environment as for the burger itself. The Angry Dog Burger.


As you can see in the pic above (from a recent late afternoon) – this place draws from every demo.


I find that the trick to make this burger really sing is to spring for some of the extra toppings:


Here is my "Jalapeño-Guac" version. I styled this myself… the burgers can look less than boring when they drop on the table… but stick all the stuff under the bun – and some salt (I'm ALL about the Snuffer's salty thing) … et Voilà! Good Stuff, Maynard.

Angry Dog on Urbanspoon