Underground… with Jordan Swim & Food Creates Community, Dallas

The lovely and talented "Jet" invited me to a seasonal "Underground Dinner." She had previously attended the winter addition. However, based on our normal dining shenanigans, she was concerned that I might not "get it."


I got it. Hosted by Vestals Foods, the Food Creates Community Spring Dinner was right out of a glossy spread in Food & Wine or Gourmet Magazine. Unpretentious; hosted in the backyard of a suburban Dallas home; mismatched dishes and glassware (each volunteer server brought there own)… just perfect.

DSCF8222 DSCF8239


DSCF8288 DSCF8290

In my many years as a director/cameraman, I have rarely seen a more pitch perfect setting, less contrived art direction, or better on-camera talent – the guests were right out of central casting.


Behind the scenes: Chef Jordan Swim (below, far right) and crew pulled off service for 40 people out of a DINKY, old school kitchenette.

DSCF8350 DSCF8346

Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed a perfect spring evening – even the bugs were yet to be out in force.


^ L: laptoppetite, herself. 

DSCF8299 DSCF8369


DSCF8377 DSCF8386

This evening was about the communal experience of sharing the joy of food, wine and good company. It was one of my favorite dining experiences in recent memory. I'll be back for more – I'll tell you about it afterwards… I want to keep my place in line.