Taquería Jones: Tacos at Fuel City, Dallas

All about the setting, baby:


Cows Dallas

Gas station tacos on the outskirts of downtown? Cows? That's half the fun!


There's considerable debate around where the tacos rank – but you just gotta go down there once in a while.

Window Neon 

Choose from Picadillo, Barbacoa, al Pastor, or the Chicken or Beef Fajitas.

116 Tacos_02 

To be honest, my favorite part of the trip is getting a "Cup -o-Elotes" while I wait for my tacos. It's a crazy-great bastardized version of the traditional street food. But instead of a corn on the cob with the usual condiments, this is all just mixed up in a cup. Corn, butter, mayo, crema, cotija cheese, lime, chili powder… damn. (Hey, you all know I'm all about Robuchon – but one must have an open palate).

Cart Elotes 

Pool …and of course, after dinner on the hood of your pick-up – you can take a swim. Greatness.

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