Spanish wines, clever cuisine @ the Mansion… Ole!

You know, wine dinners can really be a blast. I attend far too few, I have determined. One that I did make it to recently was the Ole wine dinner at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek


Patrick Mata of Ole Imports offered 7 wines – inspiring an ingredient driven menu highlighting traditional Spanish flavors prepared in the Mansion's contemporary American style. 

The Chef: Eric Brandt, Mansion Executive Sous Chef. Eric has been in the Mansion kitchen for 4 years or so, having worked with both Dean and Tesar… he has a unique perspective. And he prepared a delightful meal.

DSCF7258 DSCF7259

^ Canapes in the salon: Macona Almonds and Jamón in gelatinized Quince; Baby Octopus, Garlic Aioli.


^ Tortilla Espangole "luxed up with Caviar"; and the Naveran Dama Chardonnay Cava 2005

A great part of the fun of a wine dinner is meeting others with similar passions. As unsociable as I perceive myself to be… after a "couple" – you'd never know. Off to the Chef's Room:

(I have to now disclaim that some of the following food pics are not up to the standard to which I strive – as the elegant lighting of the room and my abhorrence of flash photography conspire to frustrate.)

Oyster DSCF7267

^ Two views of the Warm East Coast Oysters with Spinach-White Anchovy Pesto – paired with Bodegas Berroia Chacoli. This was a stunning match.

We consumed the next course before I could get a decent snap: Pan-roasted Arctic Char, Fennel Purée and Blood
Orange – w/ Bodegas
Ladera Sagrada Godello “Papa” 2007

DSCF7274 DSCF7305

Stuffed Quail, bitter
Greens, dried Cherries and Almonds: this was really delicious. The stuffing echoed the fruit of the Vinos Sin-Ley Rose
“Gordo” 2007,
while the smoke on the quail countered the sweetness.  (See what cool stuff you pick up at these things?!)

The next wines were Hornillos
“Perfil de Mibal” 2004
 Mather Teresina 2003/4
. This was a fun course:

ShortRib_01 ShortRib_02

ShortRib_03 Both wines had strong anise and leather flavors to them, so Chef Brandt served a Beef Short Rib with a sauce fragrant of fennel seeds, star anise and coriander; along with smoked paprika and bitter chocolate for depth and complexity. This was a gorgeous pairing – each wine matched perfectly, but with distinct nuance. Cool.

We followed with a cheese course of Monte Enebro, Roncal and Valdeon. Then Vinos Piñol Mistela Old Vine with dessert.

So… yeah – we had some great food and I learned about some really fine, extremely fairly priced wines. Excellent.


But, the real joy was sitting around after dinner and just talking about our shared passion to learn and experience.

Barber Brandt

^ Mansion Sommelier Scott Barber; Exec. Sous Chef Eric Brandt.

DSCF7292 Cava

^ Patrick Mata of Ole Imports. (The wines are available locally at Central Market.)

It was a pleasure to enjoy such a wonderful evening again in the Mansion's Chef's Room. Like-minded fans of this one-of-a-kind Dallas venue would be wise to enjoy a meal by Chef Brandt, and I believe if you'd like something a little unique, he'd be happy to hook you up.