First Look: Yutaka Yamato’s Sharaku Sake Lounge


I've been looking forward to the opening of Yutaka's sake lounge for some time, and was delighted to receive this gorgeous invite in the mail recently.

DSCF8106 DSCF8135

There are some interesting design elements throughout, including a secluded cubby hole above that provides views of the space through slivered openings, veiled with reeds…

DSCF8119 DSCF8118

Along with specialty sakes and "infusions," Sharaku features Kumamoto Oysters, Flounder Chips, Edamame, Pressed Sushi, and Moro Q
(bite sized cucumber cups w/ moromi miso) – excellent with sake.

DSCF8127 DSCF8132

Sharaku Sake Lounge is now open and located two doors down from Yutaka Sushi Bistro at 2633 McKinney Ave.