Hep me! I’m gonna ‘splode!

Ah, c'mon… It was the Super Bowl – what better time to pile on an inter-web phenom and make one of those damned Bacon Explosion deals? It was kinda fun, if somewhat nauseating at times, to prepare. I started by heading out to Central Market – one plan was to jazz up the recipe with pancetta, and specialty sausages – but I decided to stick with the original concept of the dish for this attempt.


^ Apple-wood Smoked Bacon; check out my bitchin' weave.


^ Feeling nostalgic (and curious of their foray into commercialization) I tried Salt Lick Dry Rub. The recipe then calls for Italian Sausage – so I went with a mild bulk sausage, and added my own Jalapenos, in the spirit of the whole BBQ thing.


^ Here we are with the sausage topped with cooked crumbled Bacon, Jalapenos and drizzled with half Salt Lick Chipotle BBQ Sauce and half Rufus Teague Made Some Sauce Touch o' Heat. Then you roll it up and into the smoker. (I used indirect heat in my gas grill with trays of Mesquite wood chips creating smoke for about 2.5 hrs.)


You are supposed to glaze it with more BBQ sauce, but I skipped that for the pics. I dunno – it tastes pretty good! I'll have to go on strict Atkins and finish it off!