Get Served.


Nick Badovinus really got this one right. Neighborhood Services pretty much rocks. Great vibe, cool space, satisfying food – and a packed house. I have been trying to get back there and add more snaps to this post – but here is the meal I had a couple months ago:



Had to get here pretty early – you rarely see the place this empty. I'm all up in the new St. Germain liqueur, so I ordered this thing: the Beauty School Dropout – yeah – it's a Chick Drink for sure… a bit much for me – dang…. "the wine list, please?"


^ Roasted Green Chile Crab Dip – terrific – and the accompanying Salsa was REALLY good as well. And the Crabmeat and Avocado Salad.


^ Berkshire Bacon & Over EZ Egg w/ Brioche Toast, and my half the Butchers Block Burger (Niman ground chuck & brisket). And I was ALL about the side of "Secret Sauce."



From the daily "Iconic Fresh Noodles," Chicken Piccata over Pappardelle - delicious. Then they hit ya with the bill, and some Junior Mints!

I want to get back and start trying the "Nightly Plates," not available as of my last visit. There is considerable buzz about this joint – and it delivers. I really dig it. Great concept, and yummy food. If it was so easy, everybody would be doing it.

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