Just a Taste: Red India Bistro & Lounge

Red India's design is a bit different, but this is a nice large space, with an enclosed patio and an adjoining and separate lounge area. Let's hope they can fill it up!

Not allot to report as we had a quick lunch, but we did find a crazy little gem: Lamb Kabob Rolls.


^ (Sorry, just iPhone pics) The Lamb Kabob Rolls.

These things are some crazy-great Indian turn on the Quesadilla – don't know if there is any traditional basis for these, nor do I care… loved 'em. "Grilled bite size naan rolls stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese, lamb shish kabob, and cilantro. Served with tikka masala sauce for dipping." Yep.

The menu is very comfortable and accessible for the timid, I suppose… greatest hits of India and some Indo-Chinese selections of interest. It's just down the street, so I'm sure we'll end up checking more of the menu out.

Bob and I are hardcore connoisseurs of intensely spiced Indian food. After spotting me, one of the managers quickly came over. He recognized me from my devoted patronage of India Palace, where he was manager for a number of years. I must say that India Palace remains my personal favorite spot for a curry, due in large part to their generally excellent – and numbingly spicy - Lamb Phall. Over many years Bob and I, and a handful of UK ex-pats, have gleefully endured the gorgeous pain of this dish. "Lamb Phall – VERY spicy please," is our call – much to the dismay of female companions (this ritual tends to leave one sated and of little use or interest for the evening and subsequently miserable and ornery the next day).

Said Red India manager (I'm sorry to not recall his name) noted that we had both ordered the Lamb Vindaloo dinner entree for lunch, and mentioned that we'd enjoy the house made "hot sauce" on the side.


The curry was very flavorful on it's own, and the hot sauce brought it up a bit. He suggested, knowing us, that we next time cue the kitchen that we desire some real fire… if he doesn't catch us first.

There are many varied Indian dining options within a mile on Belt Line in Addison – Red India, Clay Pit,Flavors - the latter two doing lunch buffets (Flavors' is over-the-top for selection). Red India has traditional lunch service – and it was very nice. The service was earnest and attentive. We did order two varieties on Naan. Both were rather crispy, not quite to my taste – not sure if that presentation was intentional.

All this has inspired me to get Bob back over to India Palace again for a Phall-out. Look for that one in the future.

Meanwhile, I'd check out Red India – even if on a lark – just for those crazy Lamb Kabob Rolls (the menufeatures a Chicken Tikka Kabob Roll as well).