Quick Bites: Bacon Camarones

The other day I just couldn't get Mexican Food off my brain… was I gonna go get some fajitas from a chain curbside drop? Surely not – but I'm starvin'! I finally decided to buck up and cook something. The grill was out of gas, so I had to go get a new tank… now I'm really starvin'.

Finally got to the grocery – grabbed onions, red jalapenos, lemons, limes, garlic… wandered over to that pre-marinated skirt steak in a bag area. I just couldn't do it. Hmm… ¡Camarones! Grabbed a handful of shrimp and some of those raw tortillas that you cook on the stove, some avocados and crema.

Fired up the grill, and heated up a big cast iron skillet. Then the trick: saute the onions and jalapenos in a considerable amount of bacon fat! Then toss in the shrimp and some juiced lemons and limes – that citric steam is intoxicating.


Back inside, I've whipped up some guac and cooked a few tortillas. Actually pretty quick to do, and I felt good having done it myself. (Oh, there were refried beans w/ lard in 'em too – don't tell…)