Gettin’ run out of Cowboy Chow…

Well, almost anyway. I dropped by the other day, you know, to support Jason Boso's latest venture while he recovers from a serious traffic accident. I enjoy his Twisted Root Burger Co. and have looked forward to visiting Cowboy Chow around the corner.


This place has a great feel, and I really dig the western flourishes here and there. So much so that I got up and started taking pictures in the nearly empty (late afternoon) dining room – subtlety be damned. The manager didn't take to kindly to that.  :^)  I have included a couple of snaps, but will reserve the rest – go see for yourself!


Let's get some chow…


I happen to like this Sweet Watermelon Tea (also available at Twisted Root), and went through a few of these carafes. Also, the Fried Green Tomato Lollipop w/ 3 Cheese Ranch. Fun starter. And that bowl of Ranch… I had some left over which came in handy later.


Next was the Mash Tater Parfait: Briskett, Mash Taters, Cowboy Caviar, Cheddar & Tortilla Strips. Hearty and satisfying. I added the Homemade Potato Chips, and found good use for the rest of that Ranch. When ordering I was encouraged to have them start the baked to order Peanut Butter Cookie – good call.

The space and the food are fun, and my server was warm and hospitable. How was the ornery sheriff that disliked my camera to know that it was I, the benevolent, altruistic and nominally influential bloggert. He was just enforcin' the law of the land. Go grab some lunch, and wish Jason a speedy recovery!

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