(VERY) First Look: Go Fish Ocean Club

I've seen some confusion on the Inter-Webs re: Go Fish's latest incarnation. As it is in my general vicinity, I decided to do a re-con mission. Fact: They are in Pre-Open mode, a few dramatic details are yet to come on-line. True: It is in that God-forsaken hard to find Village on the Green development. False: They are in the old BLT Steak space. True: It's a pretty cool venue.
In fact, Go Fish Ocean Club is located in a beautiful space across the plaza from the former BLT Steak (which will soon house a concept from the Maguire's folks). The Village on the Green is just now taking shape with Rocc and Capriccio having recently opened for business. It seems that with some traffic, this area could find its sea legs. Obviously not a One Arts Plaza, but there is a welcoming feel to this little urban development.



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They JUST opened the doors, like last week, and had some action over the weekend, but will soon start the PR machine. I snuck in Monday evening for a cocktail and had a chance to chat with some of the staff, including Will – my very personable bartender. One of the guys saw me playing with my new camera and took me on a little tour around the handsome space.


^Looking into the main Dining Room. And the dramatic two story waterfall (water coming soon).


^Upstairs: The Captain's Room…and The View – very unique setting north of LBJ. Nice. There is a second bar up here and they are going to project old movies on one large wall (here we see a test – they plan to have this image fill the wall) it's all visible from the plaza, a great visual and really not that gimmicky here – it's kinda cool.


^Looking down into a sliver of the Dining Room w/ the Raw Bar to the right; and the Sushi Bar.


^Down into the Main Bar; the Lines, three stacked – the last for catering.

Time for some grub…


To go along with my football, I receive an amuse from the Chef – a little Scallop Tempura.


^I enjoyed the Clams with Chorizo Broth; and had to try this side: Lobster Orzo "Mac 'n Cheese," better paired with an entree – perhaps the "Cowgirl Steak" I spied on the menu.


The very lovely Tiffany Derry (Executive Chef) dropped by to entice me into a dessert – she loves the Key Lime Pie, but I had to give the Croissant Bread Pudding w/ Crème anglaise a whirl.


A view from the plaza; and the old BLT Steak across the way.
I was very happily surprised by this room – there are some dramatic additions to be added to the dining rooms, and the Patio will be open soon as well. Shaping up guys!

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