Burger Bliss

I LOVE Las Vegas. Among its many charms, gambling runs a distant third for me. Shenanigans rank, for sure, but I have literraly made trips to do nothing other than EAT. I will be posting more on this subject soon, including what I consider to pretty much be the coup de grÃce (don't even think of not indulging in the 16 courses).
A (not so) guilty pleasure, though, is Hubert Keller's Burger Bar in Mandalay Place. I always find time to squeeze this place in – and if not dragging a newbie or previous convert along, it serves as an excellent hangover cure… solo.  I was recently discussing the virtues of this joint with Tim Love, who runs (among other venues) Love Shack in Ft. Worth. He's got his own ideas on the subject and demanded I venture west and check out his place. I intend to do so… well… Forth With. In the meantime… Let me share another discovery.
But first: the subject of hamburgers illicits much passionate debate on the web, and there are better places for that discussion. Here, we are talkin' about high falutin' – fancy schmancy – silly-expensive burgers. I was just happy to come across a reasonable facsimile of my Vegas indulgence, right here at home.
The setting even adds to the illusion. Tucked into the corner of NM Cafe on the Third Floor of Neiman-Marcus NorthPark, find Burger Bar on 3.


^ NM Cafe… and looking into the dining room from Burger Bar.


More after the jump:

With the new expansion to NorthPark, the mall that we've loved for decades now has a grander presence – and even more decadent window shopping opportunities – the closest thing to Vegas in these parts, anyway.
Burger Bar (no affiliation) has a somewhat scaled down menu from my
Vegas haunt, but offers a variety of meat options, choice of bread, and
many delicious toppings.


was able to approximate my preferred construction: Kobe Pattie,
Ciabatta Bun, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Avocado, Grilled Jalapeños, and
Pepperjack Cheese.


opted for both the Wedge Fries and the Sweet Potato variety (at
additional cost, of course). A nice touch: the condiments in these
little jars. I sprung for some Chipotle Mayo as well.


Vanilla Shake was surprising. More like a frothy, dense, frozen whipped
cream. Not what I expected, but thankfully light – maybe even
refreshing. Not a bad thing.
There you have it. Thumbs up from me – but for reasons beyond just a delicious burger.

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