When is Restaurant Week over?

Yes, we all LOVE Restaurant Week… (nice take on the subject here by TG at Pegasus News: Dallas’ Restaurant Week: Beneficial or beastly?) Yes, it’s a GREAT cause and all that – but when you need to get out and have a great meal with friends – it can be difficult to have that experience during this crazy time. Everybody’s booked and the servers and kitchen are too busy accommodating all those $35 three-coursers that you cannot get the normal full-pop experience even if you do manage to swing a table. This dilemma arose a couple of times last weekend. A good friend of mine called with: “What’s up – why can’t I get a reservation anywhere – I have people coming in from Qatar…QATAR… now what do I do?”
As it happened, I also had a client in town Saturday night – same problem. We usually trade off picking up the tab at fun Dallas upscale destinations. Previous trips yielded dinners at Fearing’s, Charlie Palmer, the now defunct BLT Steak… Well, I had planned for Abacus this time – but, bad timing. Luckily, I had the answer for all of us. See the next post!