Michael Martensen is the shiznit.

Molecular Mixology.
Yes, a gimmick. Of course, right?
Well, go see my buddy Michael at the bar at The Mansion and get over yourself. (UPDATE: Michael is no longer at The Mansion… continue reading and drool.)


^Michael working up my tab.

What’s going on over there frustrates the both of us. He wants more clients… I see his star rising, and thus my days of BSing with him about cocktail theory are numbered.

Tobacco Rum. Deconstructed Cosmo. Smoked Coca-Cola. House-made Tonic. Oh, and one time he had come up with his own naturally effervescent lime soda. The guy is a nut.

Looks like to me, he got hoodwinked into leaving Nantucket and coming to Dallas 9 months ago. “The Mansion is committed to reinventing fine dining in Dallas, as well as providing a unique platform for a true artist behind the bar,” I imagine the pitch to have been. He’s here now, and loves the town BTW, but we need to keep him interested.

He was telling me the other night that they are building him an outside bar, on the sweetest patio in town. I’m looking into sponsoring a permanent seat for the fall.

Meanwhile, here is a recent concoction: Bacon Bourbon Manhattan.



Bacon Infused Bourbon… and, yes, Bacon Garnish. It’s insanely good.